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This mobile greenhouse system utilizes a heavy-duty wheel with bearings at each group of hoops mounted on a specifically designed ground post. The wheel/ground post combination can be seated on a rail, which allows the greenhouse to move along the desired developing areas. Rolling Thunder’s design allows for the easy movement of a more substantial greenhouse with an ordinary tractor, and a smaller sized greenhouse by just two individuals.
Greenhouse roll-up sides provide growers a chance to utilize automated ventilation and cooling practices, which can be essential to maintaining proper indoor greenhouse conditions. Roll up sides are an ideal option that offers a quick ROI because they operate under your control all the time. Whether it’s manual or automatic, everything is in the hands.

Open new horizons with the right greenhouse roll up aspect hardware.Greenhouse Systems bears an extensive inventory that includes gearbox kits, roll bar deflectors, hand braces, and swaged tubing, and all equipment is durable and built to last in the harshest of outdoor circumstances.
-can be operated manually with hands cranks or worm gear boxes (like awnings)-very little or no power is required; “off the grid” potential

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